The GROOM "BE' Project

Be Bold, Be Authentic, Be Inspiring or whatever your BE is, GROOM wants to celebrate YOU! GROOM believes that everyone has the right to live a bold and authentic life that inspires others to do the same.
To honor this belief , GROOM will highlight the story of one person every month who represents the values that are the foundation of the company.
The stories will be featured on all of our social media outlets through personal interviews with GROOM Co-Founders, Octavius Terry-Sims and Jamal Terry-Sims. Each winner will also receive a limited Edition Legion Of GROOM faux leather Black/Black Onyx hat, and a framed portrait reflecting their personal story.
Additionally, partial monthly proceeds from the sales of the hat will be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice.
To nominate someone you know, follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @GROOMofficial, and tag someone you would like to nominate. You may also email your nomination to The monthly Winner will be revealed every first Monday of the month for #GMM (GROOM Motivational Mondays.)



Forster Child Advocate, Personality Host, Music Artist, Fitness Trainer, Co-Founder of The Fit Twins

 SOCIAL MEDIA:         

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @itsbarrb, @thefittwinsgrp @thefittwinsfitnessgroup


 Barry Bartlett was born with the fire to entertain. Born into the foster care system, he overcame the challenges of growing up without much stability or guidance, and continues to be a success story inspiring many former and current foster children in LA county. Graciously, he was blessed with stability when placed to live with his grandmother at the age of 14.

Guided by his grandmother, Barry developed a sense of intrinsic motivation and integrity. Barry loved and participated in all the arts from dance to music, but he found his strongest passion was health and fitness. Inspiring people to lead healthy, active lives brings him great joy. In early 2015, Barry co-created his very own Fitness Business, The FitTwins Fitness Group, with his sister Nika. Their mission is to bring a community together as they inspire, encourage and illustrate a healthy lifestyle of fitness, health and positive energy.

To promote this idea, Barry and Nika create 15 second videos for social media that become viral hits! Currently, Barry studies at the National Academy of sports medicine where he will complete his certification as a personal trainer. “As a former foster kid, I come from a life of struggle and a heart of hope.” 

Partial proceeds from the sales of our Legion Of GROOM Faux Leather Caps for the month of March will be donated to The Kids Alliance. To make a direct donation, please log on to to make a donation of your choice. If including a check, please write “GROOM BE CAMPAIGN’ in the memo line.






Actor, Author, HIV Advocate, Minister, Co-Founder of 

SOCIAL MEDIA:         

Facebook/Twitter @DontáMorrison, IG @Donta_Morrison 


Dontá Morrison has always been outspoken and passionate about life. A dedicated advocate for HIV awareness he has successfully positioned himself to be a sought after speaker who tactfully educates about the virus. His approach to discussing sex and human sexuality is culturally sensitive, yet highly challenging. Understanding that open and honest dialogue can enhance awareness, he creates safe spaces for those exchanges to occur.

 As host of the lively and engaging The Dontá Show he provides a platform for a wide array of subjects to be discussed. He expertly engages guests in conversations about sex, religion, social injustice and other ‘hot topics’ in a manner that promotes informative dialogue. As a result his listenership continues to increase.

 Additionally, he is the co-founder of, which is an HIV awareness/prevention movement that encourages dialogue about the impact of homophobia (internal and external) and HIV related stigma. By addressing these issues within Faith based communities, schools, and amongst parents of Black gay youth a behavioral change could occur that leads to a decrease in new infections.

 Dontá has been featured in numerous magazines and periodicals giving insight on ways to decrease the rate of new HIV infections. He has been privileged to work with organizations such as The Tavis Smiley Leadership Institute, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Gilead, Merck and a host of colleges and universities nationwide. Lastly, he has two published works ‘The End of the Rainbow’ and ‘Yesterday Clarified’ which have been heralded for their transparent look into the lives of Black gay relationships.

 Partial proceeds from the sales of our Legion Of GROOM Faux Leather Caps for the month of March will be donated to To make a direct donation, please log on to to make a donation of your choice. If including a check, please write “GROOM BE CAMPAIGN’ in the memo line.